Monday, May 26, 2008

All's well that ends well

It's all over. I survived my year of teaching, or unteaching as I like to say. The last week of school went by in a blur, finalizing the lap book projects, dealing with puking kids (yes you read that correctly), planning the kindergarten graduation and making sure all the little kiddos got all their art and other projects home safely.

I wasn't really planning on doing a kindergarten graduation, but one of my K5 girl's grandmothers called me up and prodded me into doing something. With very little time to plan, I was able to acquire some cute little graduation hats, plan a short ceremony and issue the "diplomas".

Because this is the official last year for GICA (Guam International Christian Academy) it was more emotional for me than I had anticipated. I have been teaching or working or volunteering at GICA for over 6 years now, since I first met my pastor in 2002. Over the years I have been the secretary; bookkeeper; librarian; high school English, bible and math teacher; substitute taught in all grade levels; and finally this year, was the elementary class teacher. Some were paid positions, some were volunteer. It didn't matter to me, I worked hard and loved the school and the children. So when I began the graduation ceremony I found myself suddenly emotional and teary eyed. I managed to choke down my emotions, give my little speech and hand out diplomas and certificates to my children.

The graduating K5 class

My daughter, Cassie receives her "diploma"

M. with the traditional Guam Graduation Leis