Sunday, September 21, 2008


Eric learned to google. Which is my excuse for not blogging more. You see, now that Eric can google, I have one more person competing to use the computer now. So of course, that computes to less time for Mom to blog. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

So was does it mean, for my 8, soon to be 9 year old, son to be googling? Sometime about two weeks ago, Stephanie taught her brother how to type a word or a question into the google search engine to find the answer to anything you want to know about.

Suddenly a whole new world opened up for this little boy.

You want to know how to make Root Beer? Look it up. <>

Curious about the weather? Ask Google.

The plus side of learning to google is spelling begins to count. Sure mom and dad can decipher his spelling, but if google doesn't recognize the word the hit results aren't as relevant. So now Eric is understanding that spelling is important and it is faster to spell it right than to sift through the guesses. Typing skills are being learned. And knowledge is gained as a little boy's questions can go beyond the meager knowledge of mom and dad.

And the secret is out that mom and dad just google it anyway.