Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting ready for school?

In about 15 minutes I will be waking up the two little ones to get them ready for school. Okay, not school school, but Vacation Bible School - VBS. At least once during the summer months I like to pick a good VBS to have the kids go to. In the past we have always done the evening one at NCLC, our former church. Lots of benefits to an evening VBS - you don't have to wake up kids to attend. They come home tired and usually go to bed (unless they are wired, in which case you are in for a treat). And it used to be that taking them to NCLC I could visit with my old friends. However, the last time I went to one there I was pregnant with Maggie. My sweet baby, who only lived for a few short hours. I tried to attend NCLC for another event after Maggie's death and not one of my old friends even commented to me about her! No condolences, or even if they didn't know about her, no comment on my lack of baby in arms. I'm tired of excuses from people who try to defend others by saying "oh people are uncomfortable with death" etc. etc. The truth is, all those whom I thought were my friends had no idea what had happened in my life, they didn't care to ask or find out, so that is why they didn't comment. I haven't been back to that church since, and it will probably take a miracle to get me to try again! Casting Crowns has some excellent songs about churches like these - "Stained Glass Masquerade" is one that comes to mind. Over the years Les and I have realized that larger churches tend to put so much focus inward - to their programs, ministries, youth groups, music teams, etc. that the people become so inward focused that one never sees who they really are. Masks put on, smiles plastered to their faces, "blessings" come from their mouths but not their hearts. It's all so fake to me.

Whoa, how did this blog turn into this? I was trying to blog about VBSes! LOL.

So needless to say my kids are not going to a VBS at NCLC, instead they are attending CBF's VBS (try saying that 3 times fast!). Christ Bible Fellowship puts on an excellent VBS every year. A lot of hard working Christians in a church that sees the importance of reaching the children. Whereas other churches seems to have a budget for their music ministry alone, CBF appears to put a great deal of their budget into their children's programs. I hear they have an excellent sunday school program. Too bad they are so Baptist based (no offense to Baptists reading this I hope!). It just means, with my Pentecostal DNA, that I'm not 100% comfortable in a Baptist based church.

So now in less than 5 minutes I need to get the kiddos up and ready for a week of fun and Science - as the theme this year is Science Lab. I sure hope my Science oriented son will enjoy this!


unschoolermom said...

That's great that you have at least found a church that will be fun for your kids to attend - the VBS program, at least. I have some disagreements with my church - mainly in terms that they agree with the Ezzos and have GKGW classes. I believe in allowing kids to have choices and in unschooling. LOL. But they do have some fun things for the kids. They know how I feel about things and respect that. I even teach a children's church class there. And I really feel a part of the worship there. I hope you find a church that you are comfortable with. I'm so sorry the last church was so selfish. That is just horrible. Until then (and even after that), just continue to lean on God. :^)


Colleen said...

Oh we have a great home fellowship type church we've been attending for the past 4 years. We have decided that small is better. Our church is affiliated with a Christian School so we have amply opportunity to minister within that school without the fakeness of big churches. Unfortunately the church doesn't have many programs (or maybe that is fortunately LOL) which is why we do VBS at other churches. Cassie loved it. Eric, well, he is my child who doesn't like fitting into a mold so he had some issues. Like just when he's getting into a project the bell rings and it's time to move to the next station. He did NOT like that!

unschoolermom said...

I remember that now. I had forgotten about that. I think you church sounds wonderful! If I had my preference, I would love attending a small, house church. I think they feel so much more family-like, which is what a church should be! But I cannot complain about the church I attend. And Taliesin and Nathanael enjoy it.