Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring has come to Guam

I never realized it before, but Guam actually has a “spring”. I don’t know why it has taken me 15 years to notice this. And maybe I’m wrong and there is more than one “season” like we are experiencing. What I’m specifically referring to is the abundance of flowers I’m seeing around Guam lately.


This I think is what as known as a “bird of paradise” though I may be wrong. I don’t claim to be a flower expert. Perhaps it is ginger.


These are bougainvilleas. We have several varieties growing in our garden. These are my favorite color.


This is a mix of a variegated white/purple bougainvillea and the purple (though it looks red here).


Even the weeds sport pretty pink flowers. This is a vine that grows all over the jungle, choking out other plants. But doing it very prettily.


I believe this is really the “bird of paradise”. That other one was ginger I’m fairly certain.


Though they look pink here, these are a lovely purple color and one of my favorite Guam flowers. Don’t ask me the name though!


Our first crop of cherry tomatoes, and the beginning of our vegetable garden.


And finally our lone Palm Tree in our front yard, just to prove we really are in the tropics.


jaci said...

I'll have to look up the first flower. The pretty pink/purple vine is a vetch. And your favorite purple flower is a phlox. You are right on which flower is the Bird of Paradise - it's that second one you posted. I love the bouganvilla (spelling??)!

Rebecca said...

It is ginger. We had red, pink and white ginger plants in our yard on base. I really miss the flowers on Guam especially Plumeria. Oh and the other day I was hankering for a mango and they were $1.50 a piece at the store. Yikes. Gone are the days of my kitchen sink full of rotting mangos because we could not eat them fast enough.

Erika Mills said...

Some very interesting flora - I'm glad spring is springing for you too!
(I live in Ontario, near the Bruce Peninsula. Thanks for stopping by!)

reneegrace said...

I grew up in Papua New Guinea, and all these plants are SO very familiar... except the vetch.

Now I am in Alaska... and we have a purple vetch that is wreaking a beautiful sort of havoc in our woods! :)