Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Budding Comic Book Creator

Well, I feel it is time to officially announce my son's career choice. It has become abundantly evident that Eric will some day be a famous comic book/cartoon writer. Here is his latest "comic".
These scans don't come out as well as they should so here is the interpretation of each comic strip.
Title: Swearing Causes Nothing but Misery
First Comic Strip:
Tatle Tale
Panel #1: whistling while cooking hot soup on stove
Panel #2: Uh Oh! Earth Quake! (soup splashes out of pan)
Panel #3: Ow! (Bleep) (soup gets in his eye)
Panel #4: (figure in open window) You said a bad word! I'm gunna tell your mom!
Panel #5: Hey She douse [does] as well!

Second Comic Strip:
Bad Past
Panel #1: Ahh...I had such a great past....
Panel #2: (memory sequence begins....)The ice scream store is next.
Panel #3: trips and falls....
Panel #4: Says a bunch of bad words. Girl friend thinks "break up!"
Panel #5: Wate! [wait] what? How? Why? (a little shaken up over the fall and the break up)
Panel #6: (end of memory sequence) Wate [wait] a second!
Panel #7: I had a horrible past!

I believe Eric is getting the idea of quick short gags and jokes. He is constantly amazing me with his wit and humor. You can believe I am saving all of these for his portfolio and to share when he is famous!


jevvv said...

Very impressed!

Tereza Crump said...

these are great!! how old is he?? :)

Colleen said...

Eric is 9.